Importance of Financial Management Notes-Financial Management Importance

Importance of Financial Management

Finance is a company’s lifeblood. It must fit the needs of the company in issue. Every finance objective must keep a sufficient quantity of financial resources on hand to enable the smooth operation of their organisation and the achievement of their business objectives. This financial objective can only be achieved by wise financial management. We …

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Goals of Financial Management-Types of Financial Management Goals

Goals of Financial Management

Financial management goals may be defined in several ways. Official goals, operational goals, and operational goals can all be grouped together under the umbrella term “operational objectives.” Official goals are the organization’s overarching objectives. Formal financial management goals include maximising the rate of return on investment and the market value of each share. Operational goals …

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Primary Objectives of Financial management Objectives-Long Term-Short Term

Objectives of Financial Management

Financial management objectives are to develop financial discipline and to improve a corporation’s financial well-being. These objectives aid financial managers in determining how much money to invest and how much money to keep, among other tasks. It requires a vast range of management decisions, ranging from ensuring that money is accessible when required and how …

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Different Types of Investments-investments types

Types of Investments

A user can select from different types of investment packages. However, before entering into the subtleties of various investment goods, it is necessary to recognise that there are two types of investment products: I non-financial assets and ii) financial assets. Non-financial assets are preferred by the majority of folks. Non-financial assets include real estate and …

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