best investment options for salaried person-investment options other than FD

Best Investment Options

You should endeavour to invest your hard-earned money in the greatest available investments if you want to develop wealth. You risk missing out on a million-dollar chance if you don’t make the right selection at the right moment! However, with so many investment options accessible in India, how can you know which one is right …

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Goals of Investment-Investment Goals of Investing-Investing Goals

Investing Goals

Everyone needs a purpose. Aimless investment is similar to saving money without a clear objective. Indeed, squirrels save their acorns to develop into trees that will feed future generations. Squirrels do too. As a human investor, you will almost likely not achieve optimal value if you merely save money. First, how can you judge a …

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Objectives of Investment-What Is an Investment Objective

Objectives of Investment

Often, an investment objective is expressed as a questionnaire, with responses specifying the client’s aversion to risk (risk tolerance) and the duration of the investment (time horizon) (time horizon). In essence, the information acquired from the form filled by the individual or customer establishes the portfolio’s purpose or objective in terms of the sorts of …

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Different Types of Investments-investments types

Types of Investments

A user can select from different types of investment packages. However, before entering into the subtleties of various investment goods, it is necessary to recognise that there are two types of investment products: I non-financial assets and ii) financial assets. Non-financial assets are preferred by the majority of folks. Non-financial assets include real estate and …

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